Dental Dentures Stoke on Trent

dental dentures Stoke on Trent

Dentures are important as they replace your missing teeth which is important for your smile and function. Dentures will also help support your lips and cheeks which tend to sag after teeth removal.


Cosmetic Dental Dentures Stoke on Trent

At Kidsgrove Dental and implant centre, the dentures we provide you are tailor made to your requirements. We use a dental laboratory dedicated to making the best dentures and also the choice of teeth makes these dentures especially realistic so they look like your natural teeth.

We like you to get involved so you can choose the size and shape of the teeth you want. If there are any features that you notice in your old photographs then we are more than happy to try and incorporate them into your new dentures.

We deal with all types of dentures including full dentures to replace all your missing teeth as well as partial dentures to only replace a few teeth.


What about dental implants?

We can also combine dental implants to make overdentures which will provide superior retention if you need extra retention to your dentures. Long term denture wearers may have difficulty because the gum shrinks with time therefore dental implants can help. read more here

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