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We are able to place dental implants and fit fixed permanent teeth in the same day. If your teeth are failing and you do not want to walk about with loose dentures, then same day dental implants might be the ideal solution for you.

Unlike the conventional method of fitting implants, where you have to wait several months for the implants to heal first, the teeth are fitted on the same day. This means you do not have to walk about with no teeth and also dramatically reduces the average time to complete your treatment.

The Process

  • We perform a thorough consultation to assess you
  • We take a CT scan in our state of the art facilities
  • Transformation Day
  • Adjustments
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From only £13000 per jaw we can perform this life changing treatment for you. Monthly payment plans can be applied subject to terms and conditions.

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Dentures Retained by Implants

Stabilise your loose removable denture with implants

Full arch replacement

Replace a full arch with multiple implants.

Multiple teeth replacement

Replace multiple teeth by linking implants together with a bridge

Single Tooth Replacement

Replace a single tooth with an implant and crown  
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