Root canal & Endodontic Treatment in Stoke On Trent

We pride ourselves on our care and quality of treatment and over the years, we have successfully saved thousands of teeth for our many patients using root canal & endodontic treatment for our patients in Stoke On Trent. Our aim is to help save your tooth with the finest endodontic treatment and also make you feel comfortable from the first point of contact.

What is root canal treatment or endodontic treatment?


Inside the tooth there are channels called root canal(s), which contains nerves and blood vessels. During treatment we use specialised instruments and disinfectant to remove all nerve tissue and blood vessels and then we fill the entire root canal space.

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Why do I need root canal treatment?


If you have toothache and you want to save the tooth rather than removing it.

The nerve is either supersensitive and gives you that throbbing pain


You have a dental abscess.

Is the treatment painful?

Not at all!

Local anaesthetic is always provided to ensure you don’t feel anything during treatment. Treatment can also be performed when the patient has been sedated.

Why should I come to Kidsgrove Dental & Implant Centre?

Although root canal treatment is commonly performed by most dentists, it is still a fairly complex procedure, which requires operator skill and also specialised equipment.

It is reported that root canal therapy has a success rate of over 90% if performed well on the first attempt. Success rate drops to 75% on subsequent attempts therefore it is crucial that the root canal is successful from the very beginning.

At Kidsgrove Dental & Implant Centre, Dr Gary Wu has extensive experience operating on complex root canal anatomy meaning he is able to tackle even some of the harder cases with curved root canals.  Dr Gary Wu often receives referrals from other dentists who are unable to provide this treatment to their patients.

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Here are our list of specialised endodontic equipment:

Digital Radiograhs (Xrays) low radiation
High Magnification and Illumination to visualise micro root canals
Digital Apex Locator which measures root canals to accuracy of 0.1mm
Satalec Ultrasonic Unit
Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments with Protaper Next Files
3D Thermal Obturation Unit with Obtura
Rubber Dam

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

The price starts from:

Incisor is £200, premolar £220 and molar £260

Why is the price different for each tooth?

Each tooth has different numbers of root canal. A molar tooth usually has 3-5 root canals and an incisor usually only has 1.

Do I need a crown?

Not all the time. It depends on the size of the existing filling. It there is more filling than tooth then we would recommend having a crown or onlay to protect the remaining tooth structure.

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