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We are proud to be one of the first practices in Stoke-On-Trent area to offer Cone Beam CT imaging for all of our patients. This is indispensible in all disciplines of dentistry especially implant dentistry which will provide a 3D image of the jaw bone including all vital structures.  With this technology we can offer high resolution 3D CT images of both upper and lower jaws down to single tooth scan details, with reduced radiation dose, at high speed.

We are happy to accept referrals from other dentists for 3D scans. We serve patients from Newcastle-under-Lyme and all over Staffordshire and Cheshire.


What is a CBCT Scanner?

A Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanner is a high-tech and modern imaging machine, which is capable of producing incredibly detailed internal views of the mouth and jaws. A CBCT scanner uses very low doses of radiation to produce amazing 3D images of the teeth and the surrounding structures. Unlike traditional X-rays, CBCT scanners can distinguish between different types of tissue and this enables the dentist to see structures in and around the mouth in greater detail and from a greater veriety of angles.

What are the benefits of a CBCT scanner?


The Carestream 81003D CBCT scanner has a range of benefits for both our dental professionals and patients. For our dentists, these benefits include:


  • The scanner produces incredibly accurate and detailed images, which are extremely beneficial during the detection and diagnosis of oral health problems and structural abnormalities.
  • Scanned images can be used to monitor the efficacy of treatment and can also aid in the planning of treatment.
  • Dentists can use the detailed images to talk openly to patients about oral health conditions and more easily explain how treatment will work.
  • CBCT scanners also improve accuracy and reduce the risk of mistakes, as they provide incredibly detailed images and allow dentists to assess the risk of a procedure or course of treatment.




Uses in Implant Dentistry


  • 3D images of the bone volume of the jaw which allows the implantologist to measure the width and depth of the bone
  • Locate vital structures e.g nerve, blood vessels, sinus
  • Digitally plan the surgery




Uses in Endodontics

  • Detect missing root canals and extra roots
  • Detect root fractures
  • Detect size of cysts, apical lesions


cbct scanner stoke on trent
CBCT 3D Scanner


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