Emergency dentist in Stoke On Trent

Emergency Dentist in Stoke On Trent

We are an emergency dentist in Stoke On Trent and cover all surrounding areas such as Newcastle Under Lyme, Alsager, Congleton, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

All patients are welcome to be seen on a private basis and do not require to be registered to be seen on an emergency appointment. Unfortunately we do not see non registered patients on the NHS. We also welcome nervous patients who suffer from dental anxiety and we are very happy to cater for them.
Our registered patients will always have priority and will usually be seen on the same day if possible. To ensure the best chance of getting an urgent dental appointment, please call or email us first thing in the morning to avoid disappointment. We also recommend you do not leave this until the end of the week as we receive the most emergency appointment requests on Thursdays and Fridays.

Call us on 01782 782 520 or Book an Emergency Appointment Online.


We would recommend seeing a dentist urgently if you require dental emergency treatment for:

  • Toothache, dental pain or swelling that suggests an infection of a tooth or gum
  • Severe toothache or facial pain which is not controlled by taking over-the-counter painkillers
  • Trauma of the face, mouth or teeth after a recent accident or injury
  • A permanent tooth being knocked out. Bleeding after tooth extraction that you cannot control
  • Serious swelling of the mouth or face which is getting worse

Here are a couple of useful numbers available to Denplan members:
Dental Emergency Helpline – UK 0800 844 999
Dental Emergency Helpline – Overseas +44 (0)1962 844 999

Please visit our dental emergency FAQs area for more information


Non urgent situations, which we might be able to attend to on the same day may include:

  • A broken tooth or filling
  • A loose or chipped crown
  • A discoloured tooth you have noticed
  • A broken brace or crack to denture


Emergency or Urgent Dental Services – Frequently asked questions

Q) My tooth broke, shall I just leave it?

A) If you are not in pain, we would recommend you see a dentist to have this repaired. Some patients think they only need to see a dentist when they are in pain, but you can treat the tooth at an early stage before things get worse. The treatment will get more complex the longer you leave it. You can buy an emergency temporary filling from the chemist.

Q) What can I do to alleviate toothache?

A) The most effective over the counter painkillers are paracetamol and ibuprofen. We would recommend you take these for pain relief if you are allowed to take them. Sometimes an icepack or frozen peas can help if your tooth gets relief from cold. We would recommend you see a dentist as soon as possible.

Q) My crown/veneer came out, what should I do?

A) Keep the crown/veneer in a safe place and bring this to the dentist, who may be able to recement this.

Q) I think I might be developing an abcess and my face is swollen.

A) We would recommend you see a dentist as soon as possible. The abcess will probably need to be drained or the tooth removed to alleviate the pain.

Q) I got my tooth knocked out playing football. I still have the tooth, what shall I do?

A) You will need to see a dentist as soon as possible. There is a small timeframe between losing or keeping the tooth so act immediately. If you have the tooth present, store the tooth in milk or the patient’s own saliva. DO NOT attempt to place the tooth back into the socket and do not clean the tooth.

Q) I’ve just had a tooth removed a few days ago. Why am I still in pain?

A) You may have a dry socket. Please ensure you do not smoke and ensure you only rinse twice daily with salt water. Your dentist may help by placing a dressing and irrigating the socket.

Q) Do you accept emergencies even though I am not registered at your practice.

A) We accept emergencies from all patients. In fact we have many patients coming from all around including Stoke On Trent, Newcastle Under Lyme, Congleton and Alsager.

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